Memory Care Kitsap County


Bainbridge Senior Living is proud to offer memory care services to Kitsap County. Our Madrona House is a caring and comfortable memory care community for individuals with memory loss.

With four unique locations on Bainbridge Island including; Winslow Manor, Wyatt House, Madison House and Madrona House, you are sure to find the right fit. Madrona House is located on Bainbridge Island serving the greater surrounding community with innovative senior care and  senior living in Kitsap County.

Offering specific housing options for people with dementia, Madrona House is equipped with exclusive memory care features specifically designed to assist the memory impaired. 

Housing options at the Madrona House include access to expertly trained staff available to assist with everyday needs such as companionship, meals, engaging activities, medication management, showers, dressing, transportation, and coordination for medical appointments.

Madrona House  offers memory care, assisted living and senior independent living options so people with different care needs may live in close proximity.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care is designed to support those living with dementia and memory loss. We offer curated programs and schedules designed specifically for those needing dementia care or memory care.

Memory Care Services at Madrona House

Bainbridge Senior Living’s memory care services are a simple mission really – to enhance the life of each resident by addressing the special circumstances of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

Our compassionate memory care team provides top-notch service in individual neighborhoods that accommodate 12-15 residents in a comfortable home-like environment. Madrona House offers a wide range of accommodations to meet your needs. From private apartments to companion suites, we have something for everyone.

Our life enrichment team offers fun and engaging activities – including baking clubs, walking groups, gardening, music and pet therapy.  Weekly outings include scenic drives and destination trips to local beaches, parks, and favorite shops.

Each of these factors contributes to what sets Bainbridge Senior Living and our memory care services apart from other senior housing in Kitsap County.

Our Memory Care Staff Is Here To Provide Consistent & Attentive Care

  • 24/7 support from trained staff to meet your loved ones’ needs
  • Safe and secure environment for residents to navigate around their homes, and staff present to monitor the well-being of residents
  • Small neighborhoods that feel like home
  • Outdoor luxuries such as balconies, outdoor seating, and garden beds make getting fresh air and attending to your inner gardener a breeze.
  • Dining accommodations such as offering smaller portion sizes and/or finger foods to help make meals feel less overwhelming 

Looking For A Memory Care Facility in Kitsap County? Learn More About Bainbridge Senior Living.

Bainbridge Senior Living is family owned and has offered senior living on Bainbridge Island for 30+ years. We are honored to care for many members of our community and it continues to be our mission to provide the best memory care in Kitsap County. With 4 unique locations to choose from, we are sure you will find your next home.

To learn more about Bainbridge Senior Living, where our four unique buildings are located, and the services we offer, fill out this form or call us at 206.842.2500.