COVID-19 Updates

January 26, 2021

Dear Residents, Families and Staff,

As of today we have a total of fifteen active COVID cases at Madrona House, including nine residents and six staff.  Of the nine COVID positive residents, three are currently asymptomatic, three have mild “cold-like” symptoms and three have increased weakness but are currently stable and seem to be improving day by day. Of our six COVID positive staff, three are currently asymptomatic, two have mild symptoms and one has moderate symptoms but seems to be improving from yesterday.

Yesterday we sampled and submitted COVID tests for all Madrona House staff and residents and all Wyatt House staff. Results from these tests show no new cases of COVID.  We retested positive COVID cases as well and determined that one previously positive staff member and one previously positive resident are now testing negative and are asymptomatic.  Madrona staff will not return to work until they are ten days past their first symptoms and have had at least one negative test result.

Today we put a plan in place for some assistance with care team staffing for the next five days. The Washington State emergency task force has put together what they call “strike-teams” made up of trained, certified caregivers who will come on-site to assisted living communities to assist with outbreaks such as ours.  The strike team consists of 3-5 COVID tested, certified nursing assistants that are vaccinated with at least one dose of COVID vaccine.  These staff will not replace our team but will augment them and give our staff some much-needed rest.

We will be re-testing all Madrona House residents and staff again this coming Friday.  Please keep our residents and staff in your thoughts.  We will let you know results as soon as we have them. Tomorrow we are testing all Wyatt House residents and all Madison House staff and residents.

We are keeping Wyatt House and Madison House on our active COVID protocol out of an abundance of caution.  We will make a decision on relaxing restrictions at both Wyatt and Madison based on the results from Wednesday testing.


With Gratitude,

Morgan Rohrbach

President and CEO



I’m always available for the Bainbridge Senior Living family. If you have questions for a specific community, also feel free to reach out to the appropriate Executive Director.      – Morgan

COVID Resources
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 can be found on the CDC website:
Updates to the COVID-19 Situation in Washington can be found on the WA DOH website:

We have open lines of communication with the Kitsap Department of Health, and the Washington State Department of Health.

The news surrounding COVID-19 changes often. In order to stay well-informed, here are some good resources that are updated frequently:

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